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Hey, guys – I’m Grey! I’m here to tell you the answers to the questions we hear ALL the time!

Q: What kind of dog are you?

A: I’m a purebred fawn Great Dane.

Q: Where did your mom get you?

A: I came from WRF Great Danes in Venetia, PA. My momma says Micha is an incredible breeder and she’s so lucky to have been trusted with me!

Q: How much do you weigh?

A: Right now, I’m 13 months old, and I’m 155 lbs and growing.

Q: Are you done growing?

A: Nope! I’ll keep getting taller (more slowly now than when I was a little baby) until I’m about two years old, and then I’ll “thicken out” as I mature more until three years old. Momma is expecting me to get to about 200 lbs.

Q: How much do you eat?!

A: I’m a raw-fed boy, so this is different than measuring cups of kibble that you might be used to. I’m currently eating 4lbs a day.

Q: How tall are you when you stand on two legs?

A: If I stretch as tall as I can, I’m about 6’6″.

Q: What does it mean to be a Therapy Dog?

A: Therapy Dogs are certified to volunteer at facilities such as hospitals, schools, and nursing homes to visit and spread joy!

Q: Is that the same as a Service Dog?

A: Nope! Service Dogs are trained to help their owners with a specific medical need. Therapy Dogs are essentially a pet with a license (and the required temperament and manners) to volunteer with their owner! 🙂