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One of these days, my busy season will come to an end and I’ll be able to write a whole bunch of blog posts catching you up on the past handful of months. Until then, I’m skipping a bunch of stuff to wish my little boy the happiest second birthday! I can’t believe time has gone so quickly.

If someone had told me a handful of years ago that I could ever love a dog as much as I loved emmet, I would have laughed in their face. Emmet was my heart dog, and our relationship was so special because it was a bond that he and I shared that nobody else got to experience. He was my protector and my defender even when I didn’t ask for it, and he had such a huge personality, which was only shared with those he let into his circle. My love for my ‘bad dog’ was once in a lifetime, and I will forever miss my first baby: my gray boy.

His namesake, Grey, is the opposite of Emmet in almost every way imaginable. He’s endlessly content, he’s confident and laid back, and he makes friends with every single person or creature he encounters. While Emmet was independent, Grey is velcro. Where Emmet was stubborn, Grey is determined to please me. My life is immeasurably different since Grey came into it.

I am utterly floored by the love I have for this incredible boy. He is by my side for every adventure, and he brings his introverted momma out of her shell to meet new people and chat with nearly everyone we see. He looks to me before making just about any decision on his own, and it is astounding to me that my “second pancake” turned out every bit as perfectly as I had hoped.

Before he turned a year old, Grey had earned three Trick Dog titles and his Canine Good Citizen award. By two, he became a certified therapy dog and made over 135 visits, earning him three more AKC titles along the way. He was recently featured in three national publications via social media, and I couldn’t be more proud to call him mine. I look forward to what I hope will be many, many more years of working as a team to earn all of the titles and accolades we can, and more importantly, changing lives along the way.

Seeing Grey work as a therapy dog is the most inspiring, amazing thing to witness. He brings joy to countless people who really need a little happy in their lives, and I love sharing him with people who adore him almost as much as I do.

Grey, you are the dog I always dreamed of. I’m so dang grateful every single moment of the day that I get to be your momma. Happy second birthday. I hope you live to be one hundred. ?

Photos in this post by Sarenae Photography.

Grey the Great Dane